Helen Dowling is from the Waikato and graduated with an MFA from Whitecliffe in January 2017. 

She has been a finalist in the NZ Painting and Printmaking Award three times and her work is held in the permanent collections of the Waikato Museum and the Wallace Arts Trust Auckland.  She has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions within New Zealand.

Helen’s interest lies in painting images that combine thoughts, observations and experiences of people and places. This combination of flexible and unstable variables allows for an exploration into what it is that unfixes yet somehow re-forms the real.  "A truly successful painting, for me, has to teach me something, not just about the technical aspects but something revealed narratively, it needs to surprise, or more accurately unsettle, me because in that unsettling I get a feeling that a certain truth has been disturbed".

"My great longing is to make those very incorrectnesses, those deviations, remodellings, changes in reality, so that they may become, yes, lies if you like but truer than the literal truth." - Vincent Van Gogh

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